Barford and Wramplingham PC

The Parish Council has 7 councillors, 5 from Barford and 2 from Wramplingham. These councillors were last elected in May 2011. In keeping with an inclusive and sharing approach to responsibility, the Chair and Vice-Chair are from the complementary villages.

Councillor details can be found under the appropriate ‘pull-down’ menu.

The Council normally meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month (except August and December) in the Village Hall, starting at 7:30pm.

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12 July 2016 Meeting

Please be advised that the meeting for 12th July 2016 has been cancelled.

The next meeting will be held on 20th September at 7.30pm Barford Village Hall

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2015/16 Information

Certificate of Electors Rights

3 year precept figures 1516

Accounting Statement

Annual Governance Statement

CIL report 1516

Explanation of Variances 1 Explanation of Variances 2

Final precept tally 1516

financial summary for year 15 16

Internal Auditor Report

Payments over £100 1516

External Auditor Report
Notice of Conclusion of Audit


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Notice of Referendum

Please click HERE for the Notice of Referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union.

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Parish Council Official Comments

Barford & Wramplingham Parish Council would like to remind people that the law is such that the view and decisions of the Council will be disseminated through the minutes of Parish Council meetings. Any Councillor or member of the public is entitled to their personal view and opinion on any matter, but it will not be taken as the view of the Council unless it has been discussed and agreed at a Parish Council meeting. Councillors do not speak on behalf of the Council unless this has been agreed and minuted at a meeting. All formal correspondence will be issued by the Clerk as Proper Officer of the Council. Should a Councillor receive delegated responsibility for a specific action or to undertake research, this will be clearly recorded, proposed and seconded at a full Parish Council meeting.

Should any person wish for a motion to be added to the agenda this must be sent to the Clerk at least ten clear days before a meeting in line with standing order 9 (Standing order v1 01 14).

Items of correspondence should always be addressed to the Clerk as Proper Officer.

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Please be advised there will be an extra meeting of the Parish Council to discuss a proposed base station installation on land at Mudwalls, Watton Road, Barford.  The agenda can be found here

This meeting is being held in The Cock Inn – please be advised that alcohol must not be consumed during the meeting.


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New Mobile Library Times

To find the new times of rate mobile library please click here

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2016 Agendas

Agenda 01 16

Agenda 02 16

Agenda 03 16 APM

Agenda 03 16

Agenda 04 16

EXTRA MEETING Agenda 05a 16

Agenda 05 16 – AGM

Agenda 06 16









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Minutes 2016

minutes 01 16

minutes 02 16

minutes 03 16

DRAFT minutes 03 16 APM  – copies of all reports available from the Clerk on request

minutes 04 16

minutes 05 16 – AGM

minutes 05a 16

minutes 06 16

DRAFT minutes-09-16


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2016 dates


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Broadband Update by Cllr Betts

Update – Betterbroadband for Norfolk (BBfN) – but not for all in our Parish!

Sandra Betts, Parish Councillor, Wramplingham

As you may have been pleased to read, Barford and Wramplingham Parish will benefit from the latest roll out of BBfN – please see article posted on the website on 12 July.

This, sadly, will not apply to all residents and businesses in the Parish boundary. Since becoming a Parish Councillor for Wramplingham in May, I have been investigating the situation and on further enquiry with the project manager, Karen O’Kane, I was informed that Wrampingham postcodes NR18 0SA and NR18 0RZ would be excluded from the County Council current roll out. Nor are there any plans at the present time to include them.   Residents living in Wramplingham in postcodes NR18 0RU, NR18 0RX and NR18 0RY will be included but further enquiries have unearthed that you will only benefit from superfast broadband (+24Mpbs) if the cable to your home is a less than 1 kilometre from the BT cabinet that serves your premises.

I am aware that residents and businesses in postcodes NR18 0SA and NR18 0RZ are struggling to reach 2Mbps which the Government has recognised as a minimum requirement for all households. Even reaching 2Mbps will not relieve the situation for long. We know from experience that large data files will still struggle to come through quickly and efficiently as more and more commercial companies and government departments are building websites that assume highspeed internet connections.

I have been pursuing the issue on behalf of residents in NR18 0SA and NR18 0RZ. I met with our local MP, Richard Bacon and have been in correspondence with Marie Strong, Chair of the committee in charge of BBfN and the BBfN project manager, Karen O’Kane. To date I have been unsuccessful in achieving our inclusion onto the project.

However, one hope on the horizon is a pilot BT is currently trialling in North Yorkshire with a rural community. Comments from North Yorkshire County Council project manager and local residents have been very positive. South Norfolk District Council is also looking at what can be done for premises not covered by the County Council by BT for the District Council I am pleased to report that BT has confirmed this technology, called fibre to the remote node (FTTnR), will be made available for the tranche involving the District funding.  The South Norfolk District Council working party held their 1st meeting on 7 July so it is still early days and we await further news.

Whilst I have been particularly interested in the situation in Wramplingham, I would be pleased to hear from any residents of Barford who are having similar issues.

I know this is an area of frustration for many residents and businesses.   Broadband is not a “nice to have” but an essential part of our lives. Let’s hope the final outcome is positive for all residents.

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